"Body Melt" FIR sauna 

​Melt away fat while burning inches in our FIR SAUNA Body Shaping System.  This treatment has something that no other conventional system can do:  it reduces fat and promotes healthy skin while removing toxins.  Plus you will get the following results: 

- Increase metabolism
- burn fat & lose weight
- reduce appearance of cellulite & stretch marks
- increase energy
- improve skin texture
- relieve stress & reduce aches & pains

​Infrared sauna is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals as opposed to conventional heat or steam saunas. 
Although weight loss from perspiration is quickly regained by re-hydration with water, the FIR effect of sending more blood to the capillaries 
and converting fats results


1 treatment $30

lipo laser clients get $10 off